How Long

Is there an average number of years for wells? I’m assuming the drillers have a idea how long they’ll get out of it before dumping millions to build it. Right?

There are wells in southwest Louisiana that have produced for more than 85 years and other wells (in the same parish) that have produced for less than 10 years.

There are wells that were parts of mega fields from the 20's and 30's that are now in tertiary production and may produce another 20 years.

Some horizontal wells will produce 30 years or more per zone and have multiple zones in each wellbore.

Others will be abandoned after 2 years as not economic.

It is location, technique, funding, product pricing and expertise (and lots more).


Buddy Cotten

By zone, are you talking about horizontal zones, vertical zones (stacked plays, or something entirely different? Thanks, Mickey

Thanks. I was just wondering. I’m in Campbell County Wy and they just put up 3 wells in July that I’m getting royalties for.