How long should a transfer of ownership take?

I inherited a share of two leases (in Scurry, TX) from an Aunt who died three years ago. After her death, the attorney handling the estate quickly filed whatever papers (Division Orders?) were required to transfer ownership with the County. I have been receiving bills from the tax office (in my name) and paying them for three years.

However, one of the other heirs then died, which caused the entire probate process to get put on hold until that estate was settled. Whatever paperwork (division order?) required by the O&G company was not filed, so I have not received any information, payments, etc from the leases other than the annual tax bill. I have no idea if the payments are still being made to her estate, or if they are being held by the O&G company.

Earlier this year the process got started again, and they were able to sell my Aunt's house. So presumably they should be able to move forward with the leases also. I called the attorney's office 6 weeks ago, and was told the paperwork (not sure exactly what that entails) was sitting on his desk waiting for review.

Both the executor and attorney are very uncommunicative.

My questions is, basically, what exactly remains to be done to complete this process? Is it as simple as the attorney submitting paperwork (Division Orders) to the O&G company? Is this essentially the same paperwork that was submitted to the CAD/Tax Office three years ago? In normal circumstances, is there anything about this process that should take more than a few weeks?

This is very frustrating. Thanks for any info/light you can shed on this process.

Dear Mr. Aubry,

The typical process (in Texas) is generally as follows:

Open the Estate, includes affidavit of death and death certificate

Appointment of Independent Executor (if that is what the will provides)

Letters Tentamentary

Notice to Creditors

Acceptance of Will

Inventory of the Estate

Payment of Estate Taxes

Distribution of Assets per will

Closing the Estate (not always a good idea in Texas)

When the Distribution of the Estate to the devisees occurs, then the oil companies are contacted and the oil company will inform you as to what documentation is required for them to change their records. Satisfy that and a Division Order will by issued in your name. Perhaps even a transfer order from the executor setting the time of transfer (for example, 7:00 A.M. on September 1, 2011). Actually, it would be better to place that language in the mineral deed