How long does Fracking take

Be kind now, I am still learning. I have two wells that have been shut down for 2-3 months now, was told it was for fracking nearby new wells. It has been this period and I can find no evidence of any nearby wells even been drilled, let alone any fracking. How long does it take to frack a well anyway?

Hi Don :). Completely legitimate question! It really depends on where you are. “Nearby” these days could mean almost 3 miles away as the crow flies, wellhead to your land. Where is your acreage?

As for length of time, a frac could take 20 minutes to perform (conventional, 2000’ deep vertical wells with a single frac) or could take a couple months. The longest scenario I can reasonably think of is a pad of wells with about 30 wells in various stages of being drilled and completed. The rule of thumb I’d generally use would be any well within a ~1 mile radius of the lateral being frac’d should be shut in to maximize pressure downhole and to avoid any surface leaks if a well gains any pressure from the offset frac.

A very long well with a very complex completion and a slow crew…maybe 2 weeks per well. I’d say a week is more average, but technology is always trying to remove steps to make it closer to 2-3 days.

So then if you had a bunch of wells all in stages of being completed and drilled and they all had week-long fracs…that’s how you start to get into counting in months. These are all ideal cases though. Ultimately what slows down the timeline the most is when some operational issue happens mid-frac and the well needs repaired (or even redrilled) before fracking can continue. I can’t imagine having a well shut in for more than 6 months for even this extreme case though.

Thanks, that was helpful. Two wells one year old wells going from about 15,000 barrels a month to zero for several months is what prompted the question. The area is Lea County NM, T25S R36E S18 N2 NE4 (as well as S7 S2 SE4 ). Maybe they are just holding out for the higher prices? Mechanical pumping problems?

Hah, ok, then YES the scenario where there are a bunch of wells all being drilled and completed is what’s happening here. Attached is a map where every blue line is a well in the process of being drilled or completed. It may be frustrating to wait for the wells to come back online but it’s the best for the long-term production of the reservoir to wait. And with commodity prices going up, it’s actually helping you get more royalties, in a way. And when they’re done you should be getting paid on at least 4-5 new wells! Property Overview - donfromtexas.pdf (457.4 KB)


In short, what Tracy said. A 10,000’ well divided into 150-200’ stages (so 50-70 stages) at 7-8 stages a day should take about a week and a half to frac/frack with rig-up/down You get a 5 well pad and its quite a bit.

Those are my recollection of 2017 #s, people may be super fast now, but I’d assume after 2020 crash and labor shortages it might be kind of rough to get experienced folks. It can’t be too fast, a 500,000 barrel frac is 4 days of pump time at 80-90bpm and then you’ve got a lot of wireline work to run in all those plugs/guns.

Shouldn’t be months down for your wells. Who knows, they may have pulled tubulars and set bridge plugs in your wells and need a workover rig to get them back online. Might be full of sand. :grimacing: Maybe they are upgrading facilities/takeaway etc.

Just ask Ameredev/Franklin/whoever when the wells will come back online. Mention lawyers and lack of production on your lease etc.


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OK, sooooo…I thought this was actually a good topic that I see questions on quite a bit so I made a quick video on it today. Hope you don’t mind!


Thanks NMoilboy, most helpful information and I really appreciate your taking the time to furnish that information. And a REALLY BIG thanks to Tracy! Shucks she answered maybe 20 questions that I had not enough knowledge to even ask!
I feel so enlightened due to both of your contributions. Thanks again!

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Don, I have rights in the same area. If you read the details on the NMOCD site you will see that they had problems with leaks because the pressure was greater than anticipated. I was told they were shut down for fracking and to address other problems, so my assumption on the delay is they are also replacing equipment.

My best guess on 'the other producer is the Ameredev Par Three wells. NMOCD has shown no progress, but I was notified they were going to spud several months ago so they may have actually been drilled.

Also, just got division orders for 3 more Black Marlin wells so I think things will be moving again soon.

I hope that helps.

I finally did what I should have done in the first place: I asked Tap Rock what is up with the shut down wells! I will post their answer when it comes.

fwiw, Ameredev has spud all six Par 3 wells. Drillinginfo says Nabors X12 still on location drilling.

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That is good to know. I have not heard from them for years, since the lease.

OK, just in from Tap Rock, here is their explanation for the idle wells: Donald,

The two Black Marlin wells were temporarily shut-in in order to bring additional Marlin wells online. I’m not sure when those two will be coming back on, but we did bring the three additional Black Marlins on recently. Division orders were sent out last week. I am also attaching them to this email.

Thanks Don. FYI I received a small payment for January, and looking at the details I see that all of the January production was from the new 216H well (covered by existing Division Order). Hopefully we won’t have to wait too long for the 204H and 214H to come back on line, but great to know the other wells are now operating.

Are you sure it was 216H? This months and months lag in info is driving me nuts ( I am a retired US Army Officer, and you cannot fight a war with months old information). I also have interests in that well, but to the best of my research it is still not even drilled yet! I suspect my dollar amount was not meeting the $100 minimum payment amount then. Any news on 203H status?

Black Marlin status, as far as I can tell. 216H online and 203H likely also.

IMO, thank you for your service, and I feel you, but you probably shouldn’t look at it as if you are fighting anything or you are just gonna get frustrated.

Yes - clearly states 1,050.99 barrels for January 22. I suspect you are right that it did not generate enough royalty for a check to be issued; must have been right at the end of the month. I think the others new wells are going too, but they are in a different pool and need the new division order.

I know, but old habits are hard to shake :smiley: You have some really powerful software, do you mind taking a look at section 7 just North of section 18 for two wells status? Par 3 wells 105 H and 107 H.

All the Par Three wells on 3 pads have been spud. Rig is currently finishing up the last one. None have been fracked yet. Based on what DrillingInfo is saying.

Good job Tracy from an old Dowell/Shlumberger Engineer from Unitversity of Oklahoma. :grin: I tend to give Longhorns more credit these days since I have two Longhorn grandson graduates. :wink: My experience was only in the 60’s decade and vertical wells. All the horizontal fracturing and multiple wells on a pad is a new process but all the same except bigger volumes and more delays to isolate zones in a formation vertical depth of some number but acutally 3-4 times that with horizontal fracturing. Trying to stay up as best I can and you are a great help. Been retired a long time but enjoy the forum and the family being a minerals holder in Carter County Oklahoma, hoping to lease again.

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