How long (average) from lease to drill to division order to finally, royalty payments?

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We have mineral rights in sections 23,25 and 26, Township 153N-99W, Williams Co., North Dakota.

The lease was signed about Oct, 09 and payment made in February, 2010.

3 year lease and Continental Resources applied for spacing units including the above sections end of April 2010.

It's called the Camp/Banks pool and I'm trying to get a handle on when they might start drilling there. Two of these sections are underwater too, does that make any difference?

Thank you all for sharing your knowledge. Also looking for savvy attorney.

Hi Michael,

I spoke with a representative of Continental Resources about your lease earlier and here is what they told me:

“At this time there is nothing in the works. Something may happen toward the end of the year but I am not certain. Please keep in mind that we have up until the expiration date of the lease to drill. When we do drill a well [the owner] will be notified.”

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