How is the leasing in Goshen co. Wy going?

Anyone in goshen county actually getting their leases completed? Several companies are signing leases but then notifying that they will not be finalizing them.What a joke they are. You spend your time and money doing things on their time line to find out they are blowing hot air.

We own minerals in Goshen as well. What companies are not following through?

Hopefully you didn't send the land company a lease to record. If you did, clean up your rights then be very careful whom you deal with in the future. I believe your time to lease will come in Goshen County. Be patient. As with any other business, there are no free lunches out there.

Gary L. Hutchinson

Mr. Hutchinson,

We were not looking for a FREE LUNCH, we did not seek these companies out, after having to deal with the railroad that went through us, I do not trust anyone. Tell me how to be carefull in dealing with these companies? I researched them on the internet I ask questions on this forum. In my opinon we are not asking for or expecting ridiculous amounts of money. I just want to be treated fair and not lied to.

Linda Lay