How does mineral rights inheritance work in WV?

We (my sister and I) have been contact by a landman in WV. Apparently we are "heirs" to some mineral rights because my great grandmother/father owned mineral rights there.

We are aware of mineral rights in OK and have been through the lease process. We also receive royalties from another parcel in OK that had our names on the deed.

In WV, are mineral rights (without surface ownership) considered "property". In Oklahoma it is not. Either you are named in the will or on the mineral rights, or the mineral rights go to all heirs (surviving descendants.)

How does it work in WV?

In WV technically mineral rights are considered “property” because in most counties they’re taxed and they can be lost in a tax sale. Mineral rights can be deeded via a WILL, and any reservations should show that via will(s) or a title search.

Hello Jeremy, I just recently received a lease offer for minerals in Monongahela Battelle district TAC map number 24-p/o 5 . Supposedly I’m a heir to a small percentage of 33.6 acres which landman said my post would be .008% and was offered $200 down and 15 % royalty. My question is how do I get a title of ownership for this? Thank you kindly


Sorry for the delay I somehow missed this. I would contact a title attorney to review any wills, and if you do not have any they may have to “probate” or create a new one.