How do you know if you should be getting royalties

My brother and I were found by a landman…Sam…nice guy…he said we owned/inherited property on our mom’s side…it’s not much…but we got $1500/ 5 yr lease bonus…and 15% royalties…that was over a year ago…then he called again said he found more got a $500 / 5 year flat lease with 15% royalties…and that is post production…it’s not much property…everyone has signed off on the 1st property…they started work last Nov 2017…we have yet to see a division order or anything from the company… Northeast energy. being new to this I have no clue…I need to know how to locate the wells on or around our property…the lil plots are by a gas company and on the border by the basin of the appalaction trail…also I heard that a law was going around to stop them from taking post production costs…any info or site I can go to to learn about this …wanted to say thanks to the folks who put this site up…the info is great and I used it and past questions to get the land leases

Try this link here.

It’ll show you if the wells are producing.

How do I know which wells are on my property or going through it

WVDEP Oil&Gas Well Information not sure if this opens to the map or not but you can zoom into your area to see if it is producing.

There is allot of missing wells on that dep sight but thanks for listing it

True it only has older data…from before we signed the leases…I went to the production report and it shows Northeast natural energy producing a lot…but it also shows the permits issued…I have looked at tax maps and so on but can’t seem to locate the exact spot of our property