how do you find the effective date

on my revised division order in the effective date box, it has initial production there. my well is ploeger unit, consisting of 900.9 acres, more or less, located in the byrd lockhart survey, abstract 36, the thomas jackson survey, abstract 31, the thomas jackson survey, abstract 30 of gonzales county, texas, being described in the designation of ploeger unit filed in gonzales county (volume 1137 page 560). division order number is 0835800001. operator is eog resources inc.

In real estate, the “effective” date is the date BOTH parties sign. Don’t know if this will help, but it’s all I know about “effective” date verbiage. Good luck, Pat

If this is a brand new well, then the effective date for the division order may described as the date of first production or initial production or first sales. This is to let you know that you will be paid royalties for all production from the first day forward. Often the division order is sent out after the well has already been producing for several months. If it was not effective until you signed, then you would not be paid royalties on the production from the first day until the day you signed. It is different when a well changes operators or purchasers. Then the effective date will be the date of transaction and you will be paid by prior operator until that date and by new operator from that date forward.

thank you TennisDaze that explaines alot to me. but how do i find out the initial production date. but i wish they would explain it better like you have today.

If you go to the Texas Railroad Commission website use the GIS viewer and type in the County, Abstract number, it will identify the abstract on a well. then if you select (on one of the spinner selectors) "identify wells", you can put your mouse over the well on the map and it will send up a window of operator, depth, etc as well as production information. click on that and it will open another window with production figures filed by the operator. if it is less than two months old, probably no information reported, but if older, you can see the production and another click how much was sold and how.

thank you james marrow, i got it now. i had to slow down and look

james it got all three wells with green dot with yellow circle around them. on the lengend it is oil and well logs that all lead to horizontle wells

i did a quick search. for the Ploeger well, there is production starting in March 2017. I didn't try to find more wells in the area, but hope that helps you. Attached is a screen shot of the one i checked

13-PloegerWell.docx (269 KB)

thank you james marrow

james marrow thank you it does help and i found out we have another well. the lesie unit 1h in gonzales county also. so we have four wells in all with two more coming up in 2019. the division order is going to have back pay from 2013. they found some of the people on the list are not family by blood and they are being removed and back pay with interest and current pay is to start within three months, when list is final and reported back in county records. do you know anything about lesie unit

If you send me the Abstract number i can look it up on the RRC GIS viewer. It isn't hard to do, and if you have access to a computer, I would suggest you try it so you can follow your wells on a regular basis. You can also call the RRC, whom I have always found helpful and friendly. There sometimes is a difference between the "completion' report and the well application information, but usually it is minor and has to do with the exact coordinates of the well within the section.

I did and I found it right after I already made the post but thanks again james