How do you find surface owners for location of mineral rights in Marshall County, WV?

We own the mineral rights to 90 acres in Franklin District and 40 acres in Liberty District in Marshall Co., WV. We are trying to find the owners of the surface locations so as to see if there is any active drilling on or near the parcels. Can anyone tell me how to connect my mineral interests with the surface locations or owners? I am new at this and I very much appreciate your help. Robert

I don't know if I would want contacted (at least not often) by mineral owners wondering about updates. I watch the permits issued and that helps me see if there is any action, but after that happens I am not sure what would be a good idea for learning of the progress.

I will watch this to see what others suggest.

Our problem is that we don't know where the surface parcel is, so we don't know how to look for any permits issued.

Go on

A blue box pops up and at the bottom of the box, you can select the district and then key in the parcel numbers. It will give you the information you need. (I hope) But you must know the parcel number for it to work. Good luck.

I only have the map/parcel numbers for the mineral interests, not for the surface. The link you gave me didn't accept my numbers. Any ideas? Thanks for your help!

Oh sorry about that. You could try calling the assessors office, they are really helpful there. Give him the information you have and he might be able to narrow it down to the parcel for the surface.

Thanks a bunch, Leanne!