How do we find a party to lease mineral rights we own in Wyoming and Nebraska?

First, I'm new to this 'forum' concept, so I hope I'm doing things correctly.

My sister and I recently learned that we own 160 net acres of mineral rights in Laramie county Wyoming, and 160 net acres in Kimball county Nebraska inherited from my grand parents. We found out when contacted by a company in North Dakota interested in leasing the WY acres.

Since being contacted, the outfit in ND backed out of leasing because their developer had decided against moving into Laramie WY.

Now, how do we go about finding someone interested in leasing our rights? In doing research, I discovered that the other 3/4ths of the Section in Wyoming were tied up in leases last year by Baseline Minerals, Inc. I contacted them and they said the leases for the 3/4 of the section have already been sold to "Marathon" (I presume Marathon Oil Company) and they (Baseline) no longer had any interest.


I would suggest doing some research on oil and gas activity in the are of your acreage in both Wyoming and Nebraska. Find out what oil and gas companies are operating wells in your vicinity and contact them directly to solicit offers. Be sure not to sign the first lease you are offered though. Competition is a good thing - shop it around a little.