How do I tell if this is worth anything?


Years ago, my wife inherited some mineral rights in five chunks of Brazoria County, Texas. Two of the parcels are in something called the “J.P. Mills Survey” and three others are in the “A. Darst League”.

I am fairly sure that these are not worth anything, but I have a couple of questions:

  1. How would I find out where these parcels are?
  2. Is there drilling activity in Brazoria County?
  3. Are these parcels, in fact, worthless as I suspect?


Brazoria County…J P Mills Survey/A-345 numerous shallow(2,500’-3,000’)oil wells were drilled in this area 30-40 years ago…were decent vertical wells…now plugged wells…I find no production in the area of Abstract 345 at this time. GIS(Geographic Information System) map of Brazoria County…J P Mills Survey/A-345:


Brazoria County A. Darst Survey/A-61…I find numerous plugged (shallow–2,500’-3,000’)vertical oil wells that were drilled years ago…also numerous dry holes and numerous approved locations that were never drilled.

GIS map of Brazoria County A. Darst Survey/A-61:


Cakemeister, a couple of other notes with thanks to Clint_Liles for a thorough job of locating the surveys.
There have been around 40 drilling permits approved for Brazoria County in the last two years. There is active production in Brazoria County and even one well in the Darst league has some low production.
Even if mineral rights are open (unleased and non-producing) they are often worth something to mineral rights dealers or on auction sites.

Everything is worth something. The value of producing mineral interests is a lot easier to evaluate.

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