How Do I Know I Own These Minerals?

I have a large list of mineral rights that were owned by my ancestors. How do I find out wether these rights have been passed down to me? I have received lease checks on a certain piece of land but haven’t received any checks regarding any of these other royalties on this list that has been passed down in my family. I have section, township, and range descriptions across multiple states including Oklahoma, North Dakota, Montana, Illinois, Nebraska, Washington. I have looked at the “beginner” posts in regards to what I should do with my mineral rights. However I don’t have any documentation on anything other than Section, Township, and ranges. Are there online databases that can lead me closer to knowing wether I own the rights or not? Thank you everyone!

R/O: How were those properties “passed down to you”? There are 2 ways, via a Probate or via a Mineral Deed. If you ancestors passed away without conveying away their properties via Mineral Deeds while they were still alive, in order for you to be a rightful owner, there needed to be Probates in the various states where the minerals are located for you to have marketable title. One of these two processes will be needed to establish your ownership.

Respectfully, Todd M Baker

You may search here online records, keep in mind that most have limited historical scope. (1990s or so) If you know the state and county that would be a great help. Most counties have online record research capabilities. For instance, in Oklahoma 66 counties can be searched with a single query. Multiple Counties | | County Clerk Public Land Records for Oklahoma

Of the remaining 11 counties, some require a subscription or paid search.

Caddo No search.

Canadian County– Search

Cleveland County Clerk — Search

Creek County– Search

Garfield County, 580.237.0226 Search from 1990 Assessor

Grady County (405) 224-7388 Search Subscription Based

Oklahoma County —Search

Payne County —Search

Pottawatomie County– Search

Rogers County Clerk Jeanne M. Heidlage (918) 923-4796 — Search

Tulsa County Clerk Subscription based Pre-Statehood to 1923

Wagoner County —Search

Woods County–(580) 327-0942

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Thank you Todd! I Don’t believe I have any Mineral Deeds so it looks like I’ll have to go through the probate process. Is this something that a company would be able to do for me if I am looking to sell any of the rights?

Thank you Richard, This post and the links you have provided are extremely helpful!

Where did the “list” originate from?

Todd, if you are asking about the list of non-oklahomacountyrecords list, I compiled them through painstaking searches. Originally published in I have also posted at: Oklahoma County Land Records Online Search on this forum.

I’d love to be made aware of any updates.

No Richard. I want to know where RoyalOil’s “list” came from. Someone kept some records that originated somewhere.

Todd M. Baker

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A far off cousin emailed an “Order Determining Heirs at Law, Devisees, Legatees, Descent and Distribution of Property of Decendent’s Estates” in regards to what is owned in Oklahoma. My name isn’t listed on the actual document but I am a descendant of some of the people who have passed away on the lists. The rest of the state’s mineral rights are just a list put together from this same cousin. I don’t have any legal documents on anything.

The Order would be the starting point. You may need to probate your deceased ancestor’s estates. Sometimes it is possible to probate two or more estates simultaneously.