How do I get an estimate of my mineral rights?

I want to use my mineral rights as part of my net worth as I am planning on building a new home. Also, I will need to sell part of them for my down payment. How/who can establish that for me? I have Sec. 15, 14 N., 12 W. in Blaine County, OK

Thanks, Sandra

@Sandra_Bafia I’ve observed for 30 years people wanting/needing a minerals “value number” for various needs. Here are a couple of points:

  • Before you set off on any particular path, determine from the party who you intend to submit the “value” to exactly what it is they are willing to rely upon… a petroleum engineer’s reserve report?, a qualified written offer from a third party?, a thumbnail rule of thumb?, a multiple of current income (if there is any)?

  • Mineral interests are often times complex assets, near the opposite end of the spectrum from say a residential home where there are easily determinable comparables.

In short, don’t go spend a bunch of time or money until you determine what (if any) basis for value your loan officer/company is willing to rely upon. I’ve seen this question turn into a long road to nowhere multiple times.

Thank you so much. I will do as you suggest. Sandra

Thank you. I’m still undecided on what I intend on doing. I will save your information. Thanks again, Sandra