How do I find the lease for mineral rights on piece of property


I have recently inherited mineral rights in Tyler County, WV and there are vertical gas producing wells on the property for which I now receive checks.

I cannot find any copies of the lease in my families paperwork and I suspect the original leases were signed many years ago.

What is the best way to find the lease(s) so I will know when they renew or auto renew etc… Would it be the county courthouse or from the companies sending me checks? Or hire a lawyer?

I am being approached by companies wanting to purchase and/or lease my mineral rights but before I do anything I want to find out exactly what I own.




I would begin by searching for your relative’s name in the Tyler County records, using this link. CSSI

If you have companies offering to buy your minerals, I would NOT sell, unless you are in dire financial need.

Good Luck!


You should also ask the current operators for copies of the leases that they hold for you.


Though I agree with you in concept, my experience has been that very few WV production companies are willing to provide that information and frequently only provide a lease memorandum, void of specific numbers or clauses in the lease / pooling modification.


You might find something at Missing Money. I put Iona Clemons in and there is one article under that name. What ever is there might help lead you to what you are looking for.Jim