How do I find out what is happening on my site?

I signed a lease with West Coast Land on April, 2012. It is located at government lots 3 & 4 in section 30, township 18 south, range 17 east, M.D.B. & M. I have tried to find out if there is any movement of progress on the property or any surrounding areas to no avail. I sent West Coast Land questions and there response was to refer me to our contract. How can I find out what, if anything, is happening in this area. thank you. Blythe

Dear Blyth,

Is it a 5 year lease? Have you received any rental payments for the last three years? Have you read the lease agreement? I think if you do and get the lease number they might help you.

Hi, thank you for responding. Yes it is a 5 year lease and I received a payment at the time of signing it. I have not been able to get anything further from the company other than, "refer to the lease it is for 5 years."" I do not even know the name of the oil company involved and have only had contact with a man named Fred, the land man I believe he is called. I have read the lease but it is all legal but refers to royalties a lot and other issues. How do I even know when I will be entitled to royalties if they won't tell me what is anything is going on? I have also moved and divorced and let them know not to send any mail to the address they had previously but I have little confidence in their ability to follow through. Have you or do know of anyone that has been affiliated with West Coast Land?

I have sent a message