How do i find out what going with my minéral rights

How canbi find out what going with Turnberry 2705 sec31 block 33

What State and County?

State Texas County Howard

Howard County:

API 227-39142 Turnberry Talon/Well #2705 WA/Oxy USA Inc.

Drilling completed August 11, 2017

1st production began Sept 2017|2=08|3=2017|4=07|5=2018|103=49535|6=O|102=08|8=specificlease|204=district|9=dispdetails|10=0

Clint Liles


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How do I find out if my wells are producing. The lady at OXY said they were but I have geard nothing from them. Blk: 33 T1S, Sec:9, T&P RR CO, Howard County, Texas. Thank you for any information on this. Mary Grantland Windle

Hello Mary. I find 2 producing Oxy horizontal wells(227-38646 & 647) in Section 9 and 2 approved locations by Oxy(227-39166 & 167).
Can you tell me which wells are yours or do you have minerals in this whole Section? These 4 wells/approved locations all begin in Section 4 and end in Section 9.

GIS Map of Howard County Section 9/Block 33 T1S/A-362:


Clint Liles


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am not sure which wells are mine. All I have gotten from OXY is the Blk: 33 T1S Sec 9 T&P RR CO Howard County Texas. I own the oil & mineral rights. I am so lost lol my cousins Jana & Jill own the ones beside it. We inherited them from my Aunt Laura Grantland and she inherited them from Hazel Frasier. They are in the Frasier/ Stallings part I believe. My Great aunt Hazel was married to Bruce Fraiser. Don’t know if any if this helps.

Thank you for any information! I don’t have a clue on what to do. OXY pd us $5500 sign on bonus & 1/4 royalties. I have talked to the lady that represents OXY. She said they are producing in early July. She said it takes about 3 mos for royalty checks to come. I still don’t understand the process?? I thought they were going to send me out a form to fill out telling them where to send the checks. So far I have received nothing from them. Do I just need to be patient?? Or should I call her??

Mary Grantland Windle

Another question:

Do you own all(100%)of the mineral rights on this Section 9? Or how many acres and what percentage of the minerals do you own?

This link is to Completion Report on well 227-39166:

(668 barrel oil per day/627,000 cubic gas per day)

This link is to Completion Report on well 227-39167:

(861 barrel oil per day/495,000 cubic feet gas per day)

Clint Liles