How do I find out if a property is being drilled?

Looking to find out more about:




I tried title search and didn’t show me anything besides available or unavailable which I have no clue what that means anyways. I tried to google through Grady County Records to no avail. Who do I talk to or what site do I use to get started? I have inherited these and have gotten the Silent Title Action and all that done and trying to figure out the next step. Thank you.

I am new to this, from Alaska and have never even heard about stuff like this until the last year and, even then, I am out of my depth.

Welcome to the forum! And to mineral ownership!

Grady has its own website for minerals. It is:

Useful to read the Mineral Help tab at the top and also read the Grady Forum category and catch up on everything going on there. Also read the BLOGS category.

Useful website is the Oklahoma Corporation Commission website. Especially the wellrecords part.

Another useful site is the OK tax site. This will give you production. You can hunt by the name of the well. I usually have better luck with the bottom hole location instead of the surface location.

2-9N-6W- Roan Resources is the operator for this section. They are in the middle of a buyout, so contact them anyway, but getting stuff done and transferred to your name may take a while. You have quite a few wells that are in production. You will need to tell them your ancestor name and will probably have to provide probate documents. These wells were spud from section 11-9N-6W. So go on the well records list listed above and type in 1109N06W and you will see the names of the wells. You want the ones that go north into section 2 and into 35-10N-6W. You want the Osborne and Leon wells with 2 & 35 in the names. They will need to send you a division order.

10-8N-5W- There may be one of more horizontal wells planned for 10-8N-5W They will be spud from section 22-8N-5W (when you use the OCC site, use a leading zero instead of a dash). Wells are posted from the surface location. You are looking for the Dickens well. Newfield is the operator. They just got bought by Encana, but you should be able to use the address listed below to contact them.
GRADY 22 8N 5W DICKENS 1H-10X SE NE NW NW 550 FNL 1260 FWL of 1/4 SEC Latitude: 35.15887 Longitude: -97.7192 Derrick Elevation: 1384 Ground Elevation: 1360


33-9N-5W. Jones Energy has a producing well BELYEU 33-9-5 1WH. The surface location is in 4-8N-5W JONES ENERGY LLC 807 LAS CIMAS PKWY STE 350 AUSTIN, TX 78746-6193

The surface location is in 4-8N-5W

This should get you started. You will have to prove your inheritance to them. If you have any paperwork such as check stubs, mineral files, etc. from the ancestor, having an owner number off of the stub will be helpful on the producing wells. That first set by Roan should be coming online soon. I do not see the completion reports on them yet. So getting your paperwork in now is a good idea.


I am doing research for my Mother (mineral rights owner). When I went to the link - Gross Production(https to enter the legal description on the deed we have and former oil and gas lease (12-9N-21W), it came up as being leased to a name we are not familiar with. Legal description showing as AL-12-09N-21W, could that be the same legal? We have leased in the past, maybe approximately 5 + years ago. Thank you, Brenda Felthager [

Would appreciate your help! Thank you, Brenda


You were on the gross production site, so what you are seeing is the operator, not necessarily who it was leased to. There are usually hundreds of mineral owners in a section. Each of them can lease to whomever they wish. The operator is in charge of paying the royalties. You are probably seeing Ward Petroleum for the Chick Davis 1-12 well. Last production was 2015. Your lease is probably expired, so you are free to lease again. That area is very quiet right now.