How Do I Find our Family's Oil Rights?

My Grandfather left all his kids equal shares to oil rights back in 1984 but with the stipulation they go to grandma until shes gone then the shares are to go back to the kids equally again. Well they disappeared. I found the deeds from my grandfather to my grandma and also one from my grandma to my aunt (who has been lying) in 1988. What do I need to do now to get to the bottom of getting them back to all the family??

I have a similar question. I represent two daughters of Elliott Juel Ray, who passed away in September. It is their understanding that he owned some mineral rights in Stephens County, OK. I reviewed an Okla.Corporation.Comm. Notice of Hearing dated 2-23-17 with numerous people and trusts being notified regarding well activity in Sections 18 and 19, T1N, R2W, Stephens County, and it lists a testamentary trust fbo the decedent and others.

What is the best method of determining whether the decedent owned mineral rights there? Thank you.

There are several ways of locating the property. If you know that there may be interests in these sections, you can get a copy of the indices from the county clerk at $1 a page. It will show a listing of the transactions. You can then get copies of these instruments from the county clerk, against $1 page. Alternatively, if you know the Page of the instruments after looking at the index, then you can go on OK county, a paid subscription service, and get copies or review the instruments.

If you believe there are additional instruments ot additional interests in Stephens County, then you or a an experienced land man will need to go to Stephens County and look at the grantor/grantee index as it relates to all transactions that your grandfather did.

See if you can find what you are looking for at this website:

It's the best that I know of for Oklahoma Records, unless the County has their own records online.

Tracy -

I saw on your Homepage that your mineral rights are in Illinois. You will need an Illinois Oil and Gas Attorney to answer your questions.

I don't know of any, but you can probably find one on the Illinois State Bar Association's Website.

Try and find one local to where the land is located.

Hope this helps -

Charles Emery Tooke III

Certified Professional Landman

Fort Worth, Texas


Thank you!! I contacted the County Clerk and they are sending me the deeds. I also contacted the lawyer that drew up the papers in Wisconsin, he only saves the files for ten years. So my next move is to contact the county clerk in Lincoln county to see if they have a copy of the papers my grandfather had drawn up. Thanks for helping me. I appreciate it.

Tracy Carter

Bastrop, TX

You're welcome, Tracy!

If you own surface rights, your name (or your prior family's names) should show up in the Tax Rolls.

Ok Thank you Charles!!!