How do I find all active Hold by Production leases on my sections?

How do I find all current and active Hold by Productions on my sections? 33 14N 13W, 32 14N 13W and 28 14N 13W. The same question I guess would be; How do I find all active leases on my sections?

Section 32 has current drilling activity by Continental Resources, recent gas production and pooling order on file. I am not listed in the pooling application or pooling order. Is this because there is an active lease on this section and someone else is named in my place?

Section 28 has drilling activity by Continental Resources and a pooling application on file but no pooling order has been filed (pooling order should be soon). I am not listed on this pooling application either.

There is no current activity on section 33 that I know of but it had an old lease from back in the 70's and possibly without a Pugh Clause this could be my problem but I don't know for sure.

Can someone please help me understand the reason I'm not listed on on these pooling applications (and 32 pooling order) and how I find out who has any current hold for production on my sections. I have been studying this for only 3 days now and it's all pretty complicated.

Thank you, GT

Greg, if you are in pay on any current well and dont show up on pooling thats a good indication that you are leased w/o pugh or depth clause that would allow you to lease again.

Would need to check courthouse records probably to look for old lease.

Friend me and I we can discuss if you wish.

Thank you Stewart. I did send you a friend request.

You can look up each location on the OK tax site and see if there is an active well by section.

Then you can look at the Imaged Documents on the OCC website under Conducting Business. Go to the wells and then they can be sorted by location. For example, a section may have four wells, one in each quarter section and yours is in the NW4.

You should be listed in any spacing or horizontal hearings as a respondent even if you are leased. You will not be on a pooling if your are held.

You can search on for leases. Look under your ancestor name if not yours directly.

Thank you M Barnes. I have been to these resources on both sites and they are helpful. The will help me thank you.