How do I evaluate mineral rights values on parcels in Kings County, CA.?

I own current mineral rights on a non producing parcel in Kings County, CA. What is a fair rental offer to lease the rights for extraction? I have two parcels within three miles of each other. One of the parcels runs under the California Aqueduct, not sure if that makes any difference. Any information would be appreciated, I am just getting started on my research.


A fair rental per acre is 40.00 per acre and a 1/6 royalty on a 5 year lease. Depending on how much acreage you have, you might want to get paid up front for the whole 5 years

Thank you. I like your idea about asking for the bonus up front!

Appreciate your response,


I received an offer for $100 per acre 1/6th royalties 5 years paid up back in February, but they keep reneging the offer & today they came back at $75 with only 3 years paid up. Drop me a line if you would like to discuss further