How can you tell if a well has been spudded or permitted?

Have a question that I am sure someone here can answer. I have property, along with other family members, in Section 14, Block 5, Reeves County. I have done some research and can see that COG OPERATING LLC has permitted 5 wells in the Hollywood Unit that would include the SW4 of the S/w 4 of Section 14, Block 5 that our family members own. I am confused with what it actually means when a well has been spud. I can see that 5 wells have been permitted, but is that the same thing as meaning it has been spudded, and how does one tell if the drilling has actually commenced? Been getting all kinds of offers to buy our mineral rights, so am thinking something must be in the works. Thanks for any help in this matter.. This is a great source of info to those of us who are "in the dark" on oil and gas wells.

Hello using this link you can find the spud(begin drilling) date if it has been posted by the RR Commission Personel............;jsessionid=Wxn5JxYFlv12BP7y01LYYLv2YhCHNQTLhYLCG97zbBCzN8G4pGqG!-1777377603

And it will look like this.....


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Thank you for the link. I can see from that link that there are 5 wells permitted and 3 of them have spud dates. I am a bit confused on one of the P12, certificate of pooling authority. Our property is listed with a track number, and that number is included on 4 of the wells as being part of the pool. But on one, there is a check next to our property listing that says we are not leased and not part of the pool. All the wells being drilled are by the same company, COG OPERATING LLC. On the link that shows the map of the total property included in this HOLLYWOOD unit, it says ULM on our property. Can you tell me what this means? Is this a mistake on their part, and will this be adjusted to include our property? We have signed lease and seems to be no problem on the other 4 well info.

Thank you


Hi, Nancy!

Attached here and in my next reply are what I could find on your current wells in the Hollywood Unit.

"Spudded In" or "Spud" is what day and time the Drillbit actually hits the ground and begins, in industry parlance, "turning to the right". There would naturally have been some activities on the surface before then, when the "Commencement of activities for the drilling of a well" began.

For your convenience, I added some notes as of the last reported activities on your wells to the spreadsheet of them. Looks like you're going to have a very interesting 2018!

Hope this helps -

Charles Emery Tooke III

Certified Professional Landman

Fort Worth, Texas

345-HOLLYWOODUNIT.pdf (162 KB) 346-4238936511COGHOLLYWOODUNITNO.1404H.pdf (423 KB) 347-4238936509COGHOLLYWOODUNITNO.1454H.pdf (423 KB)

The rest of the files.

342-4238936066COGHOLLYWOODUNITNO.1406H.pdf (512 KB) 343-4238936041COGHOLLYWOODUNITNO.1455H.pdf (479 KB) 344-4238936040COGHOLLYWOODUNITNO.1405H.pdf (488 KB)

Hi, Nancy -

What lands are indicated on a Permit Plat might be different from what is eventually described in a Pooling Agreement or Declaration or in a P-12.

Attached is a table of what leases have been signed over the past few years effecting the SW/4 SW/4 of Section 14, at least according to

If you do not see your lease listed, then you need to get in touch with COG Operating and see what's up.



Thanks, I can see my Dad's name on the list so am guessing that everything is fine. He is 98 and I hoping that something happens while he is still alive. The land has sat for about 90 years.


Thanks again for the info. I see on the first attachment (Hollywood Unit) that there appears to be 7 horizontal wells. The other files that you sent have the info for wells 1401, 1454, 1406, 1455, 1405. I had trouble reading the fine print on the Hollywood unit file and can't read all the names of the wells. Is it at all possible that you could send me the names of the other 2 wells, and any info on them,...if there even is any. Thank you guys again so much!!!


You're welcome! We are all happy to help.

Glad to hear you found your Father's name on the list, but you should locate a copy of it in his files or request a copy of it from COG.

What is his name? I can try and pull down a copy from

You need to know the terms of it. That might help you understand why COG has your interest as unleased. YOU DO NOT WANT TO BE UNLEASED.

I sent you information on the 5 wells that I could find that included your acreage.

If you are referring to the 7 dashed lines on the first map I sent, the extra two appear to be from the Original Permits to Drill for the 1405H and 1455H Wells. I only sent you the Amended Permits where they apparently changed the location of the Well Bores. If you would like copies of the Original Permits, I can send you those, but the RRC has only approved 5 Bore Holes so far.

If you are trying to use a phone or a tablet to view the files I sent you, you may only be able to view the first page of each file.

The Hollywood Unit File is 3 pages, the third page of which is a table with my notes as to the most recently reported status of each of the subject wells.

The 1405H, 1455H, and 1406H files are 5 pages each, the 1404H and 1454H files are 4 pages each.

In your list of Well numbers, you started with 1401. It was the 1404H.

Always add the "H"'s. That distinguishes Horizontal (Unconventional) Wells from Vertical (Conventional) Wells.

Thank you so much!!!!! My father's name is Kenneth Lovegreen. The lease should be in his name. Can you let me know what ULM means as that is what is typed on the onewell that says we are not leased with. It doesn make alot of sense since we are on the polling with all the other wells and they all originate in the same acreage. Thank you so much!!


"ULM" probably stands for Unleased Minerals.

And again, what lands are shown in a Permit Plat are not especially the same as what gets included in the final Unit.

I'll look for your Father's lease in a minute.