How can you find out if the well has been spud before its been frac'd and completed?

I was curious to how to find out the status of permitted locations?

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Go to the Rail Road Commission and they have an area where you can check on drilling permits and completions and lots of other information. Hope that helps you… Louise

That’s my question also. 56-6 got 3 permits about 3 weeks ago (BHP) and wanted to know average wait time until spud?

Reeves County 56-6 for previous post

Well I can find the permitted wells but can’t find any info on if the well has been spud yet. I’m curious to see if the operator is still on scheduled on the development of original plan.

Once the well is spud, a new box appears at the top of the permit page with the spud date, etc. Look at the permit page for an older well and you will see an example.


Thank you I will.

still having trouble finding this box :frowning:

Post a couple wells - permits and producing - and then I will help you look.

Okay Well these wells are in. Loving County TX district 08 operator number EOG# 253162 is the operator number. The wells that I think are being spud right now are the following. Wrangler Units and The rustler units. 836942,836951,836948,836955,936696,836691.

EOG has not spud any of the Wrangler wells. Go to the RRC Drilling Permit (W-1) Query and find Rustler D Unit 1H - API 42-301-33897. When you click on the lease name, the Form W-1 page open and under the Status Approved line, there will be a Completion Information set of boxes and the Spud Date and Surface Casing Date will be filled in. That well was spud on May 13, 2018. If a well has not been spud, then under the Status Approved line, there will only be the General / Location Information boxes.

Thanks so Much.

Do you know where I can find status in Carlsbad, NM?

TennisDaze I still hate to bother you but do you think you snip a pic of where you found out the spud information. I cannot locate it on any of the permits. Block 76 section 25,26,35,36 I know there is five wells (3 units) online producing but on the other permitted wells I cannot find any info on if well has been spud or not even on the W1s. Could you snip a picture and help me find it? Thanks

RRC Permit for Wrangle A Unit 2H - Below Status: Approved and above General / Location Information. A box called Completion Information is now open with well spud date of 7/31/2018. Hopefully the snip picture opens.

Thanks so much. I don’t know why I can’t find that onnrhe currenr W-1 when I looked. So when I got to drilling permit query and pull of the permit and couldn’t find this. Thanks again