How Can Landmen Find a Mineral Deed Owner?

I am posting a follow-up question to my original question with subject title of “How to make sure landmen have my current contact information?” which I recently posted in MRF’s “Oil & Gas Leasing Help” category. I am posting this “follow-up” in its original category as well now in MRF’s “Landman Discussion” category. (To save space in this post, please see my original post {with subject title as listed above} in the “Oil & Gas Leasing Help” category.)

Here’s update since I posted my original question in the “Oil & Gas Leasing help” category. (As a reminder, after a change to my mailing address I want to make sure that landmen or oil companies know how to contact me {via regular mail} concerning any of my UNLEASED Mineral Deeds. Until there’s a lease with production (which there is not at this time) I am not contacted by an Appraisal District. I explained my situation to the Chief Deputy in the Records Division of one of the counties (in Texas) where I have Mineral Deeds recorded who said her County Clerk’s office will NOT accept and will NOT record a “letter” (her words) that I submit for recording where I list my current (new) address and the legal description of my Mineral Deeds recorded in her county. I could submit a “Correction Affidavit” showing my new address for previously recorded Mineral Deeds IF those deeds contained my contact information, which they do not. Her final words were “Landmen are resourceful. They will find you.” Anyone have any further thoughts or advice? Any landmen out there that want to enlighten all who have this same question ……. and share any thoughts/advice on how to best handle this type of situation?

At least in Oklahoma, Your affidavit should include your

  • Current Name (with reference to any former names)

  • Current Address

  • Legal description of properties.

If signed before a notary public the County Clerk should accept it.

This post is not legal, tax or investment advice. Reading or responding to this post does not create an attorney/client relationship.

Additionally, with a filed affidavit already in place, you can get more proactive. If there is leasing activity around your property(ies), feel free to reach out the the companies/individusls listed as the Lessee on the recorded lease memo…

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