How can I tell how much my wells are producing?

I have a couple of wells operating under my property. I haven't received a check in some time now, and am just curious to know if there is a website or anything that shows somewhat real time how the wells are doing, or at least what stages they are in.

It's in Johnson County, Texas. Hog A1H and Hog A4H are the names of two of them.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Good Morning JW. Can you tell me approximately what year the wells were drilled or can you supply the API number of each well? Or can you supply the Abstract and/or Section number of your mineral acreage?

Clint Liles

Hi J W!

Clint, I was able to look up the wells by name on DrillingInfo and cross-checked that with the Mineral Tax Rolls under JW's name. Attached is what I could find on them.

For whatever reason, production from the No. 1H appears to have dropped off pretty dramatically over the past few months, from 1,039.20 MCFD in April 2017 to only 209.93 MCFD in August 2017. And the last time TEP reported sales from the No. 1H to the Comptroller's Office was in March 2017. That can't be right.

Production from the No. 4H appears to have dropped off from 1,636.55 MCFD in August 2017 to only 34.87 MCFD in September 2017. That was obviously an artificial drop in production.

And again, the last time TEP reported sales from the No. 4H to the Comptroller's Office was back in March 2017.

I don't understand any of this. Smells like yesterday's diapers, but doing business with Total (TEP) and Chesapeake is always going to smell like that.

J W, you could ask TEP what they have to say about this, but what to you think about asking the RRC's Regional Field Inspector to look into it as well?

Hope this helps -

Charles Emery Tooke III

Certified Professional Landman

Fort Worth, Tx

385-4225133723TEPBARNETTHOGANO.1H.pdf (1.49 MB) 386-4225133720TEPBARNETTHOGANO.4H.pdf (1.05 MB)


thanks for the help.

Clint Liles

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Thanks for your help! I will give them a call tomorrow.