How can I market my oil & mineral rights in MT?

My siblings and I have an expired lease from Shale that sold to Apache and would like to find a way to market them. We have 2000+ acres along the Balkan Territory in Daniels County.

Thank you so much for any help that you can provide,

Michelle Olafson

Not sure what you mean by “market”. Are you trying to sell the rights or get a new lease? If you’re trying to sell them, then you can advertise on any of a number of sites. If you’re trying to get a new lease, there’s not really anything for you to do. If a Company is interested in the area, they will find you. You can check to be sure your ownership is properly recorded in the County records, but that’s really it. Since you recently had it leased, you should be ok. If a Company isn’t working in the area they won’t be interested and there’s no point in contacting them.

And just FYI, it’s Bakken, not Balkan. Unfortunately, the Bakken potential in Daniels County has mostly been disproven, thus the lack of interest from Apache, et al.

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