How can I find the length of gas pipeline thru inherited land?

My late grandparents left the family land in Texas. There is a gas pipeline running through the land. Is there a resource online I can consult to find the length of the pipeline through the property? I would also like to know the diameter of the pipeline; however, the length is the most important information I need quickly.

If would say look for the easement in the county records. Some counties in TX are online.

Ok I’ll try that.

Also I need to know if there is a chart online that shows what an acceptable payment is per rod for oil pipeline based on the diameter?

Finally, who decides which landman is used?


Bob, I am not sure about where you can find recent prices. There may be some information on this forum if you use the search box. The Landman/ ROW agent is probably hired by the company building the line.

Thanks for the information.

Your Welcome. I do seem to recall people mentioning that the University Lands post a fee schedule on their site which covers fees and cost for placing lines across state property.

For diameter you can check out Texas rrc gis viewer. Since you mentioned a landman he will be the only one with the latest survey, maybe. Make sure you have someone with legal experience on this subject prior to agreeing to anything.

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If there is an existing pipeline, then you should get the recorded ROW agreement which will have a plat showing the location. It will include terms such as whether there was a one-time payment or periodic payments are due and whether it is a permanent ROW or expires upon abandonment. The ROW will not expire upon the death of the grantor. If you have been approached about a new or replacement pipeline, then you need to ask the ROW agent about the size, proposed route, and other information. Then you can post a more specific question.

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