How can I find out if there is a permit for a well in Martin County?

I recently signed a lease on block 36 section 30 in Martin County Texas. I have about 45 acres total in Block 36 spread out over 4 sections. I recently received a very nice offer to purchase these. I think, based on all the activity, that there might be a well soon. How can I find out permit information? Thank you for your help.

Hello Carolyn. We need to know exactly which Block # is yours. There is several Block 36 in Martin County such as:






Clint Liles

T2N Section 30 BLK 36

T2N Section 19 BLK 36

Tom, G might be one.

What are the other two Sections?

T1N section 21 T1S Section 34

T2N Section 30 BLK 36 NW/4 T2N Section 19 BLK 36 NW/4 and SE/4

Hey Carolyn.

When asking about Section 19 just ask for Martin County Abstract 160 and it is simple to find. I find no new approved location in Section 19. The latest activity there was back in 2014

This link is to 220 approved permits for Martin County from May 01, 2017 through August 21, 2017/22 pages. Go through these and check to see if one of these permits might be for your minerals acreage:|1003=08|1004=317|1005=beginsWith|1008=beginsWith|1012=beginsWith|1015=beginsWith|1024=05%2F01%2F2017|1025=08%2F21%2F2017&rrcActionMan=H4sIAAAAAAAAAM1RTU_DMAz9NeMYOW47evGhQnCGbWKHaoesjbpI_ZKTCpD643GKJkHHGXFJnp-t55eXWQMQzho06TvmqqiCG_pdxXUJJ1r4N3s24-hRSVv5YIJV4V1NfpMUOcgE0gafHo-FwCTCml3bur55tty54F8myx9fsqoeZCilzobLUB-GB9O2QmTENkzcH4a9NVxdhMoJbtyUfukW3Hg1Gjbdq2knu5iUxZDHO6VE30eQ0dk2rvdHF6KeCP6oNa7q1TymBJm8BbQcCIsmZrIklldu5VD_XV7-mtOWRtNY_pbHr-HpU7mei2bl45E0zAkhwpxGmAmct4JuFf5b_J8u7_gzuwIAAA

GIS(Geographic Information System)map of Martin County A-160/Section 19/Block 36 T2N:


On this map well # 39260 is the latest activity for Section 19 AND THAT WAS IN 2014

Clint Liles.

Thank you! I will look through it.

There doesn't appear to be any new or recent Permits in either Section 19 or 30, Block 36, T2N, but QEP Energy has quite a few Wells just to the North and to the West of those two Sections and is aggressively drilling.

Pioneer appears to have a few Conventional Wells in Sections 19 & 30. I don't know what they are planning, but they have something like 15 Horizontal Wells presently being drilled about 3 to 4 miles to the Southwest of your lands.

Having QEP and Pioneer the major players in your area is pretty good!

I'll see if I can look up the other two Sections, but T1N and T1S are going to be pretty far from one another. Are you sure they are both in Block 36?


Yes, all block 36.


I don't see any new permitted locations for Section 30 at this time. When asking for Martin County Section 30 ask for Abstract 904....much easier to find.

GIS Map of Martin County Section 30/A-904:


Clint Liles

Thank you so much. Vital information. I appreciate it.


Try this link when searching for submitted or approved permits:

If you need further assistance let me know.

Clint Liles

Sec 21, Blk 36, T1N, T&P, A-137, does not appear to have any new Permits filed. XTO / DE Operating are drilling a number of Horizontal Wells 3 to 4 miles to the Northeast of Section 21, however, and Pioneer has a virtual WALL of Horizontal Wells beginning 2 miles to the West of Section 21 and stretching some 10 miles further West.

In between Section 21 and Pioneer's Wall of Wells are a number of Conventional Wells being operated by Pioneer and a number of smaller companies. They will probably work out a partnership series of partnerships in order to get the Horizontal Wells drilled. All good news.

I'll See what I can dig up on Section 34, T1S.

Sec 34, Blk 36, T1S, T&P RR, straddles the Martin Co / Midland Co line. A-651 & A-853 in Martin County, A-787 in Midland County.

No new or recent Permits to Drill have been applied for.

All except the NE/4 or N/4 of Section 34 (it is at an angle) appears to be Held By Production (HBP) by Pioneer.

Pioneer has permitted and is drilling or has drilled and completed Horizontal Wells to the East, South and West of Section 34. Good Thing.

To the North of Section 34 a Smorgasbord of companies own and operate Conventional Wells. Just as with your Section 21, it appears that a partnership or variety of partnerships will need to be formed to have the lands North of you developed.

Lands in that type of situation: HBP by Producing Conventional Wells may take years to be developed Horizontally due to the shear amount of acreage that each of the companies have under lease with the "Primary Terms" running against the clock. If your lands are HBP by shallow production, it may be a decade before anybody gets around to drilling any Horizontal Wells.

Hope all of this helps -

Charles Emery Tooke III

Certified Professional Landman

Fort Worth, Texas

Thank you so much Clint and Charles. I appreciate your help. So glad I asked. Helps me out tremendously.