How can I find out if I still have mineral rights?

In the late 80’s early 90’s my mother sold our property in Simms, I found deeds stating we still had 1/2 of all mineral rights but I’m clueless on how to begin a search on what exactly it all intels. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Since you haven’t gotten a response to your question I’ll share my opinion.

Finding out if your familly still owns that mineral interest may involve doing research in the Bowie County deed records at the County Clerk’s office in New Boston.

If the deed you referred to where your mother sold the property included a reservation of 1/2 of the mineral interest, and you are sure she never conveyed that interest to anyone after that sale, then it is probably still in her name. If you aren’t sure whether she conveyed that 1/2 interest you would need to search the Grantor index of the deed records from the date of the land sale looking for filings in her name.

If she is no longer living the questions will be, did she leave a will and was her estate probated. If she died without a will, or she had a will but her estate wasn’t probated, then any heirs to her estate would need to establish title to that mineral interest through Affidavits of Heirship.

If you aren’t in that area there are also websites, like TexasFile ( and CourthouseDirect (, where you can do Bowie County deed index searches that are free and buy copies of documents.

What I described above assumes that your mother owned at least 1/2 mineral interest in the property at the time she sold it and reserved that 1/2 interest. If you aren’t sure about the status of that mineral interest it might require searching the deed records for years in the past to confirm that she in fact owned at least a 1/2 interest.