How badly has Creek County been affected by low prices

Is anything going on in 21-14N-9E? I deleted the provisions I could not accept on the lease sent to my by Schonwald and returned it to them in January. I have not heard from them. I guess they are not interested or the project was cancelled or postponed. How badly has Creek County been affected by the low prices? Has most new drilling stopped or postponed?

Thank you for any information you can give me about what the local experts may be saying about the future of drilling in Creek County. ...Hilda Razook

I also received a release of lease from dark horse energy in creek county 16n range 9 east

I leased my rights on 38-14N-10E, as did my cousin. I was paid rather quickly, but my cousin was a little slower in getting the lease signed. When prices fell, Troubadour Energy tried to back out of the lease with my cousin, since she hadn't yet signed. The Landman went to bat for her, and they went ahead and completed the lease. I figured we were both lucky just to get the signing bonus, and that there wouldn't be any drilling there for years to come.

However, today I received an offer from Rojo Energy Holdings to purchase my lease. I assume that means that they see some value and potential in the property. So, perhaps this area of Creek Co. will become active again.