How are Oil & Gas Royalties Paid?

I am trying to lease 640 acres in yoakum county. I would like information on this area.

In 1995 my father turned down a lease offer from Shell Oil E&P. Section 505 & 506.

These were handed down from my great grandmother. appears they were purched in

1942. How can I find out if there were ever any test wells. Acording to what I have been told.

The sizemology work was done. Im New to this but have 100% roalties.

Thank you

Michael E Patterson

Mr. Patterson,

According to the Railroad Commission of Texas RRC's Public GIS Map Viewer section 505 has one dry hole that was plugged in Jan. 1991. 506, A-1519 (in the SW1/4), has one dry hole but no plugging info is given.

At the top of the screen put your cursor on the 'MINERAL HELP' tab. The first few choices in the drop down menu will give you some basic info about oil & gas royalties.

At the top of the screen put your cursor on the 'GROUPS' tab. In the drop down menu click on 'COUNTY GROUPS'. Scroll down through the Texas counties to Yoakum and click on it. Join the group and people there may be able tell you some info on your area.