How accurate is the North Dakota Oil and Gas GIS map server?

The GIS map server rectangular ident says well 34933 drilled by Whiting is on Section 15 Township 155 Range 99. The map itself shows the horizontal leg clearly on Section 14 and 23. Since I have mineral rights on Sections 14 and 23, should I be expecting a division order?

The GIS should be correct, the well is a little bit inside 14/23. That well is a “unit line” well. Whiting pooled all interests in the two units (15/22 and 14/23) so that they can drill a well on the border between the two units. NDIC order 29503. The well doesn’t have to be right on the line, usually within 150-200’. So you should get a division order, but your interest would be 50% of your interest of the existing well inside of 14/23 (CLR Sefolosa 1-14H).

Thank you. That is what I thought, but I haven’t received a division order yet.