How accurate are tax records showing mineral owners?

Does anyone know of a reason why a person that has been listed as owner of mineral rights at Reeves CAD is no longer listed, other than the obvious (they sold them)? This person says he has not sold his mineral rights to anyone and he has shown me copies of his royalty checks, but I can't verify that he is still the owner. Do I need to hire a land man? The Reeves county clerk says that no new deeds have been filed.

How recent was the most recent royalty check? Tax records for producing mineral interests can be very hit or miss, and once minerals stop producing they are no longer taxed. If you'd like, I can do a quick search of the Reeves County records to see if there are any recent conveyances filed under that mineral owner's name. I'd also be happy to investigate what production activity is occurring on the property. Feel free to send me a message with the property description and/or owner's name and I can let you know what I find out.

Last check was 12/4. I've been online looking at the tax records, but how do you check for recent conveyances? I'm sure you can understand that I'd rather keep the names, etc. private. And how do you investigate production activity other than through the RRC? These would be handy tools to have! Thanks so much.

I typically use for information on well events and production, and for recent Reeves County conveyances.

Reeves CAD is not the best, but if you contact them, they will probably send you to their vendor that does their mineral tax appraisals. Not sure if they actually do their own mineral owner work or whether they rely on the info the operators turn in. It is possible the interest got foreclosed on for non-payment of taxes.