Houston County, Texas Leasing

Houston County has 15 or more separate lease brokers currently working here. Most of the past leasing in the last two year's has been in the southwestern part of the County. Brokers took a big advantage of mineral owners for as little as $75 per net mineral acre for 3 to 5 year leases. Some mineral owners have been able to get $750 or more for 3 year leases and 1/5 royalty. There are reports of oil production on the Eastham Prison farm of 900 barrels per day!

This shallow oil play is expanding real fast. Bonus money should be at least $1,000 per net acre and get higher. However most mineral owners will basically sign for a little of nothing in Houston County.

Is there any way to find out names of the lease brokers working here? I have mineral rights for 30 acres on the W.B. Smith survey, A-952

If there is activity in your area, they will most likely contact you. Someone here may have information on your survey area and how many leases have been registered.


Do you know of someone who is currently offering $1000/ac for leases south of Lovelady (Burrell Morris A-710)?


Alan (co-owner with Zoe Flagren of 16.3333 mineral acres in that survey section)

I can give you about 4 or 5 brokers that are leasing in that area if you will call me at 936-544-2222 office. I am a mineral owner, not a landman. I will try to help you and any of the landmen or companies. Everyone should "shop" their minerals and try to get the best deal.