Houston County Board Members should reference the Go Haynesville Shale Web Site

For Houston County leasing and drilling status, read message threads on the following forum (link provided):

Thanks for the infomation. Some of the information I don't understand. Need some basic on landmen and companies in the area. Who is trustworth and who to run from.

From the map Ive looked at haynesville shale is way to the east of Crockett. Seems like "tbey" are moving West to East or South to North not East to West. The courrt house in Crockett has been full of landman for the last year but doesn't seem like anything is happening and on the TRRC website very new wells have been drilled or permitted in the last month. The weather has been good. Anybody know anything they would like to share. :))))) Seems like the busiest area of Texas is way down by Victoria.

There were 5 new permits in Houston Co. this week.

Where did you find this out? I look at the TRRC page for new permits and didn't see anything. I look at the W-1 and put in Houston county and then the beginning month date and the previous date and the last thing I saw was I think around the 12/15. Thank for the information. Trying to keep up to date on the activity near Austonio area.

I found it at the W-1. I think you must have just missed it....5 permits in one day, after not much activity, was very cool!

Thanks Liz will check again. Do you know of any people who have signed leases.