Hot check for oil production and ! cent for another

I have 2 properties under lease in Reeves county have been receiving a royalty check from 3 different groups, No problem, Last month I received a check from MSC Energy for .01 cents? I do know they are in chapter 11, but why for one cent? The following month I received a check from LUXE, this check was written on 9-30-21 and was deposited as soon as I received it on 10-4-21 and it bounced. (Return Reason-s refer to maker). I attempted to contact LUXE by phone and was sent to record a message. I spoke to an individual at Colgate, the company who bought most of LUXE leases, was informed they didn’t buy Russels Reserve lease and they had received a couple of complaints like mine. Was given a number to call for LUXE no answer just leave a message. I’m curious what recourse does one have? What constitutes a void lease agreement, Nonpayment?

Your problem may be a question as to who owns your lease, rather than the operator name. Did you lease to Luxe or to another company? If you leased to X Co., did X Co. sell or keep the lease? If X Co. was a non-operating WI in a Luxe operated well, then X Co. will still be a non-op WI in the well when operator changes. You need to research the deed records to see who owns your lease and contact that company.

Have you tried the Reeves County DA?