Horizontal wells

Any thing happening 35 11n 13w Are they doing horizontal now

I moved this over to Caddo County, OK for you.

No, there is no horizontal activity in 35-11N-13W at this time. Excaliber Resources has OCC cases in Sec 24 and 15. Fusion Oil has quite a bit of leasing in 34 near you.

Hello We have mineral rights in Sec 23 10N 9W. We keep getting information on the case from the OCC. We are new to this, and have an offer of 200.00 an acre and 500.00 and acre. I realize from reading that it is worth what the buyer is willing to pay, but I also do not want to be on the low side. I have heard that longer a person waits while the horizontal drill details are being worked out the better. I do not know what is true and what is not. Like I said, I am new to this whole thing… Anyone have any guidance, suggestions or information to share with us “rookies” ?

Thank you, Christa

Sounds like you are receiving low ball offers. You also need to understand your rights with regard to what is being filing with the OCC. I imagine it is a pooling request. You should learn much more before taking any offers.

Thanks. I am learning more and more everyday day! :slight_smile:

Section 14 just to the north of you in 10N-9W just pooled for $4600 3/16 or $4500 1/5, so unless we have the location wrong, your offers are not in the ballpark at all. Camino has cases filed for 23-10N-9W.

Thank you. I double checked the location and it is correct. I have so much to learn but I appreciate your thoughts. :slight_smile: