Horizontal wells planned?

I have mineral rights in section 11 blk 40 TS2. This sections is surrounded by horizontal wells. How can I find out if there is plans to also drill horizontal wells in section 40?

Good afternoon! Based on TX RRC records, it does not appear there is any permitted horizontal well activity on this tract. Attached is a screenshot from the (free) TX RRC GIS Viewer. You’ll notice the well laterals with unfilled blue circles are permitted wells. Green colored wells are active and producing.

While horizontal development appears to be outside the near term, there certainly would be interested parties in acquiring this.

Please let me know any further questions I can help with!

Thanks for your help. Just trying to see any future for this.

Most welcome! I think there is room for Conoco/Concho to drill 1.5 mile horizontal wells going to the north into section 2. I would say if you get any correspondence from them regarding a production sharing agreement, or a request to ratify a designation of pooled unit, then that will indicate near term plans for horizontal development. The opportunity is certainly there, it is just a matter of timing.

Can you tell me what would be a good offer for my interests? I am considering selling and have no idea where to begin.

Have you received any offers yet?

I have. But I want to know what it is worth before I entertain any offers.

Is your interest currently under lease? If so, what’s the royalty rate? If not, what are the lease offers bonus amount $ for each rate they are offering. That’d help to establish a value.

It is under lease and is the royalty rate the same as distribution interest?

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