Horizontal well surface equipment

Last week I was on site at the first horizontal well in Lane Co. KS. It is operating with generators while 3 phase power is extended. Since there is no pump jack equipment, I am assuming the pumping is from some sort of submersible pump at the bottom and it appears, to us that there are 2 well heads about 30 feet apart. Will someone explain briefly how these operate. thanks


Although I am no expert, where I live (north central Texas in the Barnett Shale Combo Play) these new fangled horizontal wells utilize the forces of the natural gas, and that drives up the oil, which then goes into separators and other pieces of equipment - separating valuable by-products and frack water from the oil and gas. The natural gas is passed into the pipeline and the oil is collected in the tank battery. One or more of the tanks in the battery hold the frack water, others hold oil. I don't think there are any submersible pumps at the bottom of our wells. Kansas may not be like my area of Texas though.