Horizontal well in Section 2 09N 09W

Has a horizontal well been drilled in Section 2? If so, how do mineral owners get paid?

No horizontal well has been drilled yet. TRP Midcon had a horizontal well approved in early 2019. The pooling is scheduled for 12.3.19, so nothing will happen until after that. You should be getting all the OCC case notices that apply to you is you have minerals in section 2. If not, then contact the attorney

TRP MIDCON, L.L.C. AND TRP OPERATING, L.L.C. P.O. BOX 79612 HOUSTON, TX 77279 Contact Name: ERIC L. HUDDLESTON Contact Phone: 405-232-3722

Mineral owners are required by statute to be paid six months after first sales, otherwise the operator owes interest. The Division Orders which state your decimal interest usually come out about five months after first sales, but can be delayed if the well is two sections long. The formula for getting paid is:

net acres/spacing acres (actual) x royalty x %perforations in your section. (Frequently, the sections in the northern tier 1-6 and the western tier 6,7,18,19,30,31 are not exactly 640 acres. )