Horizontal well definition

Camino has filed for a horizontal well off our current well(Dansil 1). How does that work? It seems impossible to start drilling horizontally from a location down deep in the current well. Or do they just start the drilling at ground level at an angle and then gradually level it out the desired depth.

Thanks, Bob T.

What section, township and range is that? 15-07N-07W? Are you talking about DANSIL 1-15-10XH? That well is already drilled. What is the case number from the document you are looking at? I want to answer your question properly. In general, they drill a vertical portion of the well and then kick off the well at depth into the zone that they are interested in.

Sorry. Yes, it is the Dansil-1-15-10XH. However they will be drilling into sections 3 and 34 7N 7W. The letter mentioned they think they will miss the Woodford(that is where our well is producing gas).

What case number is at the top of the paperwork that you have? Are you talking about the Overholser 0707 3-10H?