Horizontal Spacing


I am trying to get information on Sec 29 and 32, T4N R3W, Garvin County. I received an Order from the Commission granting a 640 acre horizontal unit for applicant Casillas Petro. Source supply will be the Woodford and the classification is oil. Can someone explain what this means? I do receive a very small royalty every year from Sheridan and Rimrock so I am hoping this will be a good thing.


It is a good thing. Your current wells are in shallower reservoirs, so this will be for a new horizontal well deeper in the Woodford formation. The surface location will be in 32. The well is called Sierra 1-32-29WXH.


That’s the best news I have heard all week! Thank you so much and thanks for the the well name.


What does the W stand for in the WXH?


Sierra 1-32-29WXH has a pad in the far SE corner of 32 drilling north into 29. Casillas (Woodford well) permit shows all the way through 29.

Lusitano 1-20-17LWH has a pad in the very far NE corner of 29 going north into a little bit of 17 RimRock (Woodford well)


Ok, so you are saying that the location in the NE corner of 29 is for a well going through 20 and into 17 but 29 will not be included in the money? Oh Pooh! lol Thanks for the info. anyway!


Yup, sorry… But the Sierra is planned for all of 29 and there is plenty of room for more wells!


Thanks again for all your information M.! Hope you are all doing well!


Do you remember if the well just completed on section 31 goes south into 33? Didn’t you say one of those sections in there contains some of your mineral rights?


The two wells that were in 31 both go north into 30. 31 is two miles west of 33 in the same row.
Vermilion 1-30GH was completed by Casillas in July 2017. Was drilled from the upper NW corner directly into 30. Coronoa 1-31-30MXH just got a permit. Will spud in the far SE corner of 31 and go the full two sections. Also Casillas. No horizontal in 33 yet.


I was confused after hubby went out to look at the location for the Sierra on 32 and 29. He saw the cranes and thought they were putting up the rig but come to find out the drilling was done and they have already finished the drilling and moved the rig off. Since it was muddy he didn’t drive all the way to the rig location.


In order to maximize the production from a horizontal well, companies often want to place the drill site on an adjoining property. This of course requires permission from the surface holder if minerals are not being produced under that property. However, this requires the company to obtain permission from the surface owner. If your father hasn’t granted permission and owns the surface there is a trespass. He would have many remedies available to him. This could be a large recovery from him and many attorneys would be willing to take this on a contingency fee basis. That is of course if he hasn’t granted them permission.


Woodford is the meaning of the W


Hi Linda, Can you tell me what site I need to google to find information on the Sierra 1-32-29WXH. I tried to upload a map of the area of the well but was not successful because I am new to this site. The map shows the wells in the area along with a sharpie drawn outline of what I guess will be the area included. I found it on the OCC under case search 201803995. You post great information, thank you.


http://imaging.occeweb.com/OG/Well%20Records/1DD82AE8.pdf This is the well records site of the OCC. The permit has the map of the planned well.


I will check it out, thank you.


connieg….can’t tell you how to google it but can tell where it is located. Between Maysville, Ok. and Lindsay Ok. on highway 19 there is a paved road called Wallville Road which goes south. You go south about 3 miles (?) to the paved road that goes west toward where the old Hughes community is. ( Hughes Baptist Church there after you go west a little bit). After you passed the church and a few houses there is an intersection where you turn south. Go a mile and the well will be on your right (west). It sits back west of a really nice home belonging to the Tolman’s. This is section 32 4n 3w. Hubby said the road into it is a newly made road with fresh gravel. Hope this helps.


I misspoke earlier about my father in law’s ex wife being paid for the location the Sierra is on. That land belongs to Mildred and William Miller. The location on section 29 is the one she was paid for that my father in law thinks should have gone to him. He’s half Indian and said the Bureau of Indian affairs said they would straighten it out.


Hello everyone that has responded to my post. Thank you all for the info you provide , it is much appreciated and has helped me keep track of what is going on. We live in Ohio. My son just received an offer in the mail for the purchase of his mineral rights.The range 4k to 8k per acre. That’s a pretty far spread. Does anyone have any ideas as to why?



Depends on the royalty stated in the underlying oil & gas lease. How many acres does he own?

Todd M. Baker