Horizontal Drilling

With horizontal drilling, how can I be sure that a near by well is not tresspassing on my mineral rights? My mineral rights are leased but, as far as I know, are not producing.

Ed. C. Fry


You can view drilling permit applications at most State Agency websites and the permit will state the exact location of the well bore and the lateral. When approving drilling permits, one factor in approving is to make sure that this type occurance does not happen as there are guidelines set as to where the well can be drilled and paperwork is completed on a dailey basis while the drill is being conducted.


Another factor to consider is that most horizontal drilling, and fracturing into hard formations such as shale do not have an objective to drill into a deposit or pool and suck it dry. The oil and gas produced by fracturing does not travel very far from the well bore, thats why in some states operators are allowed to space horizontal wells within 300-400ft. of section lines and put 6 or 8 wells within a 640 acre section. If there is a well in a neighboring section there is little chance it is taking any production from your section.

Most wells have to record the bottom hole location when they drill. If they intrude, then they are normally penalized.

Unless when a producer is working on a new well and that fracing damages your well. It can and does happen. Study up on this one.

Since some of your properties are located in Texas, you might find this article instructive.