Horizontal denied

According to ok. Mineral owner registry, oklahoma energy aquisitions has 5 new wells in section 1, 17n-6w but no production yet. Of which I have mineral intrest. We have been getting legal papers which ok energy had been asking for exception of rule and wanting to horizontal drill here. They were denied. My question is, what will happen to the 5 new wells already drilled? Will they abandon them? Or produce them?

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LG GREENE 1706 2-1MH, 3-1MH and 5-1MH are already online as of July 2018. I think you will get more paperwork eventually about the allowable. More of a formality. They will figure out how much of the allowable will be given to each well to drain the reservoir effectively.

Thanks for responding By allowable i assume that you mean they are calculating how to divide the production? Or the allowable daily production? Please forgive my ignorance. Oil is like a new language!

In order for wells that are that closely lined up to each other, they use engineering data to figure out how much each one can be produced at so that they don’t steal from each other and drain the reservoir efficiently. Oil has a different allowable than gas.

Ok. Great. Thank you for helping. J. Scott