Horizontal Completion Question

The Texas Railroad Commission completions shows that JPM EOC Operating, INC completed a horizontal well on the Ogre 47-2 A lease (Well # 1WA) (API # 22738722). On the map, that well terminates on a lease that I recieve royalties on (Rogers Lease - Section 38 Block 33T2N). How long does it usually take to find out if you will recieve royalties on a well like this? Been waiting for these horizontal wells a while and this is the first one. There are 6 others permitted that will terminate on another lease, but they are leases owned by Breitburn and I doubt they will be doing any drilling of consequence until they come out of bankruptcy. Thanks for any info...


It looks like the Rogers lease should be in that Unit. Generally, I would say you get a Division order 2 to 6 months after a well is completed. If you agree with your decimal and verify it and send it back you will receive a check 2 to 3 months after that. The first check will be for all of the first production that you are due and then you are paid monthly. Note: these timelines/payment procedures can vary wildly by operator