Hope for increased production?


My family has owned the mineral rights for the leases for many years. While never producing large royalties it has declined over the past two years to under $150/mth and it appears to be mainly natural gas. Any hope for increased production on these wells or is it at end of life?

(1) Lease W8370 Talbert, C P, Pearl, Bill H. Products/5 (2) Lease Lease W8120 Talbert 5- Gas-, Pearl, Bill H. Product (3) Lease W8370 Talbert, C P, Pearl, Bill H. Product R Peters SD2 LT1/DELA Fuente, 5 MI SW of Banquete Block 5, .0497200% RI (4) Lease X0540 Talbert-Schoolfield, Pearl, Bill H Product SW LT 2 Ross Peters Block 5, 0.497200% RI (5) Lease W8120 Talbert 5-Gas-, Pearl, Bill H Product PT LT 2,3 Ross Peters 5 MI SE of Banquete, , 0.497200% RI


Phil (new member)

Phil, i would like to discuss this with you as you and i overlap ownership on most (all but one).

Please private message me.

Doug Archer