Historygram of my active oil well

Just recently, I receive an oil and gas lease of an active well that was posted/recorded back in June,1957. It was signed with Atlantic Refining Co. At the current time, I’ve learned that the well is owned by TAQA North. The well is an active well in Burke County and apparently it’s unitized. How can I go about tracing it’s history from June,1957 up until today??? Thank You in advance for your assistance, knowledge and time. Respectfully Pamela F Peterson


One method would be researching the records on file at the North Dakota Industrial Commission. I'm not sure exactly how much info would be available on-line as oppossed to actual physical research. I would contact this agency in regards to this info. If on site research is needed, you might have to contact someone in ND (retired landman, etc.) to perform this work at the NDIC office.

Pamela, Charles is right that the NDIC O&G Division would have information. I presume you are looking for production information. I am uncertain whether you mean you inherited a leased property or whether you mean they want you to sign a lease for a well on property never leased since 1957. If never leased, I would investigate in depth before signing a lease as signing a lease could be greatly against your best interest. If you could give the legal description I would be glad to look up the cumulative production for you.