History of Mineral Rights

Good Day,

I am looking for advice on tracking the history of the mineral rights which our family owns. We have mineral rights in Oswalt as well as Marietta, to which they have been in the family for many years. I am looking for historical data of how the mineral rights came to be in our family, to which I will begin my search at the county clerk's offices, assessors offices, etc.

Just curious if anyone else has put together historical data for their mineral rights so as to pass on the heritage of these rights to our heirs.


Yes, just research the index books at the County Clerks office in Love County, Marietta.

Note the book and page numbers, document date and recording date, Grantor and Grantees along with the type of Instrument. When you put all that in order it is pretty much the chronological report you for you.


P.S. I personally don't believe Love Co indexes the legal descriptions consistently for the website so you may have to make a trip to the office.