Hiring an attorney

Hello, being new to the forum, I hope I do this right. I own mineral rights in Colorado. I have leased my rights since 1988 and have never really had an attorney advise me on the lease conditions. However, since there is a lot more interest in area, I feel a need to hire one. My question is does anyone know an average attorney’s fee (ball park) - one familiar with oil and mineral rights? thank you, Pam

It can be between $200 and $500 per hour in N.D. I think prices would probably be close to that in Colorado. Personally I’d rather talk to the lawyers legal secretary, but it doesn’t work that way. Whenever I had to deal with my lawyer something happened a month later. If I talked to his secretary it happened by the end of the week. RWK

Thank you r w, I certainly hope I can do enough research on the county’s websites and contact enough people involved in county to make an intelligent decision, without going into the expense of hiring a lawyer. will take your suggestion of trying to speak to the legal secretary. Pam