Hiring a Certified Mineral Manager

I have royalties and mineral interests in the southeast corner New Mexico. The area is part of the Permian Basin around Midland, TX. I am thinking of hiring a CMM to help me organize files, compare division orders to lease agreements (and contracts and abstracts) that go back to 1944. I also need to figure out my situation with some oil companies going bankrupt. This is a busy area, and yet, my income is down by 2/3rds and I am receiving no lease offers like I did in the past. I’m hoping a CMM can organize my files and research why I am not participating in that oil and gas boom. Has anyone had extensive business with a CMM and paid a “considerable” yearly retainer? If so, was it of great assistance? Perhaps I actually need office help to

  1. organize my files by land descriptions and an attorney to 2) compare lease agreements to the division orders and 3) discover my rights in various oil companies filing for bankruptcy. If I hire a CMM, they could tell me to go do exactly that and charge me thousands for a year. Not helpful. Any thoughts?


I think there have been some threads on this before, if you want to try the search feature in the upper right.

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