Hinkle Oil & Gas Well ID: 35-073-22389 Lincoln SE Oswego Unit, D E Foster #4

Can anybody tell me if this is a producing well or maybe, a Saltwater Disposal?

I found a Division Contract Transfer from my grandmother to my mother, who passed in 2004 and we, the heirs, haven’t received any contact on this well. Help

The well was originally drilled in 1980 as the DF Foster #4-in 18-17N-5W. It was sold multiple times over the years. It was recompleted 2013 and renamed the Lincoln SE Oswego Unit 26-4. It was converted to an injection well. API 35-073-22389. Contact Hinkle Oil and ask if there are any remaining royalties for her and if her estate should be getting royalties from the Lincoln SE Oswego waterflood unit. You may need to provide probate documents. There are quite a few horizontal wells in that section, so she may have royalties pending from them.

You may have to also contact BCE MACH as they have the horizontal wells at the deeper level(s).

Thank you m.barnes for your reply

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